Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your shirts?

Futbol Cult shirts are made-to-order. We develop the concepts, create the designs, select the colours and styles, write the stories and then offer them to the public (football tragics like you). In most cases, we utilise direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Much like a paper printer, our supplier prints the design on the selected shirt, then posts it to us ready to send on to you.

In some cases, where larger orders are placed, we screen print. In regard to jerseys, we may also use embroidery as part of our design. Generally, for small quantities (less than 30), DTG is the most cost-effective and does not compromise the high-quality shirts we produce for our customers.

What type of cotton do you use?


Our shirts are mostly 100% combed cotton and 180 GSM, mid-weight and pre-shrunk. In some cases, depending on the colour and style, our shirts may contain up to 15% polyester or viscose (e.g. grey, forest green marles). However, the composition of all shirts are individually displayed on each product page to avoid any confusion.

When I order a shirt, how long does it take to arrive?

The fashion industry has numerous independent components to it, which must all work together in order to produce a high-quality product. To source suppliers, machinists and print our shirts locally, incurs a higher cost and slower production speed. In most cases, it is reasonable for bespoke products, such as Futbol Cult shirts, to take up to 14 days to complete on our suppliers' end plus postage. During heavy retail trading periods, there may be delays. We then need to package your order and post it out. Each domestic order includes a complimentary Australian football fan pack (one per customer).

Futbol Cult shirts are well worth the wait, as they are original designs, telling Australian football stories that cannot be found anywhere else.

What size am I?

Generally, our shirts are unisex (unless stated otherwise) and range from sizes small to triple extra-large. Each product page has a Size Chart, which details the shirt's width and length in centimetres. To avoid disappointment, we recommend all customers follow the size instructions on the product page before ordering.

Can I exchange my shirt or ask for a refund?

As our shirts are made-to-order, once you place your order with Futbol Cult, we are essentially purchasing a specific shirt (design, size, style) for you from our supplier. It is important to use the Size Chart found on all product pages and follow the instructions carefully, as exchange and refund are not permitted (unless the product is damaged or faulty).

Care Instructions

The garment tag located inside the neck of all Futbol Cult shirts includes the care instructions that best maintain the quality of the product. Most importantly, wash inside-out in cold water and do not iron over print. Further information

Intellectual Property (IP) and Australian Law

Futbol Cult is a Registered Trademark in Australia (1950816), Goods & Services - Class 25: Casual clothing; Clothing for sports; Men's clothing; Sports clothing (other than golf gloves); Women's clothing. Each IP right is covered by its own legislation. Unjustified claims of IP infringement are legally prohibited and may result in liability to compensation.

What is EVROPA by Futbol Cult?

EVROPA is a sub-brand of Futbol Cult. Evropa is how you say Europe in a number of European countries, particularly in Eastern Europe. All shirts related to European football will be sold under the EVROPA brand name. On the odd occasion, there may be an opportunity to celebrate European football icons, where EVROPA will pay tribute.

Are you able to design a custom shirt for me?

There are over 300 designs available to purchase via the Futbol Cult online shop, all unique and relating to Australian football. Each design starts with a concept to develop, then the artwork is completed, before the story is written for the final product to be provided to our customers. In order to design a custom shirt, the cost of each design phase must be factored in, as well as supplier costs. Futbol Cult is always happy to discuss Australian football stories with our customers and fans of the game.

Is there a retail store?

That would be great! One day. For now, we operate our business solely online. We anticipate our designs will continue to grow and be popular with fans of all ages. Please visit our social media pages for news on any pop-up stores or sales we may be offering.


Where are you based?


Futbol Cult is based in Sydney, Australia. All correspondence to:

PO Box 230

Kogarah NSW 1485