Otti the Octopus asked his neighbour Miley the Monkey whether she had any friends. Miley responded by saying she had lots but they were all different. Otti had an idea. He wanted to put together a football team. Miley thought it was the best idea she had ever heard but Otti had one condition, he wanted to play in goal because he had eight legs. Miley thought her other friends would not mind and went out to find them.


Miley first found Ginga the Girraffe and she could not wait to play, asking Miley to tell Otti that she would make a strong defender because of her height. Miley then found Kinga the Kangaroo and Craig the Crocodile, who were hanging out with Colin the Crab. They all jumped for joy at the idea of playing in a real football team.


But Miley knew she needed to find more friends to play. After all, this was going to be the wildest team on the planet. Ellie the Elephant and Wael the Whale were next to join the team, as was Sherry the Sheep.


When Miley looked around to count all her friends, Lionel the Lion came along and asked what they were doing. Miley said they needed two more players to make up the wildest football team on the planet. Lionel said he would love to play as a striker. He said he knew the perfect player to make up Ollie's eleven. An old friend named Rale the Rooster. When Rale heard the news, he was ecstatic! Like Lionel, he was a top striker. 


The group, led by Miley, went back to visit Ollie. He was so happy to see them all. Together, they formed the wildest football team on the planet.

My Wild Football Team T-shirt

SKU: FC0000304
  • Specifications

    • Unisex, regular fit 
    • Crew neck 
    • Mid-weight, 180 GSM
    • 100% combed cotton
    • Neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems, preshrunk to minimise shrinkage
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    W 31 34 37 39.5 42 44.5
    L 42 46 50 54 58 62


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